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Thinking Out Loud.

I always wonder what people, that didn’t know the “heavier” me, thinks of me now when they see me because I’m not slim nor skinny and I have muscular legs, a chubby belly and arms that still flaps. Like just about any other person I have my days of hating my body, wishing the progress would move faster. Don’t get me wrong I’ve embraced the journey that I’m on and the walls I’ve hit and will hit along the way, but like all hard times you wish there was an easy button to push.

This is me thinking out loud because sometimes this journey is overwhelming.

I have an addiction.

Many of you may or may not know of this epidemic sweeping the world, CrossFit. What is CrossFit? To me CrossFit is pushing your body beyond that imaginary “limit”, it makes me stronger, faster. CrossFit is my natural high.

I tried CrossFit for the first time in Nov ‘12 with my brother, cousin, and some friends. We bought a LivingSocial deal and gave it a go. Was I intimidated or nervous? Sure, but I didn’t know exactly what it was I was more excited towork out with friends and family. See, I’ve never been the “skinny” one in the family or was I ever dedicated or good at a sport, but over the last few years I lost about 30-40lbs and needed something more than my usually cardio and strength training. Within our first week of CrossFit I knew I would get addicted. I love the energy, the environment, the ways it made my body ache like nothing had before. What made it even greater was working out with friends and family and pushing myself because of their support and my will to not fail. We stayed at this box for about 2 mos because it can be pricey and all of us has memberships elsewhere.

Later in 2013 I found a Groupon for a different box and went my full month, but didn’t find the box as appealing as my last box. Different trainers, different people, different mind set. After that month I stopped CrossFitting and wasn’t sure what to do since it costs a lot for a one month membership. I stuck to my cardio and LA Fitness membership, I was getting no where with my weight, my strength, my desire to workout. At this point I knew I miss CrossFit, but I didn’t want to travel far and wanted to find a deal just in case I didn’t like the box. Luckily, around August I found a Groupon for a box right in my town, 6 minutes from my house! I even convince the bf to try it out (he only last about 4 sessions, due to his back issues). I felt at home with this new box and knew I would be staying. I’ve been a full-time member since Dec ‘13 and have loved every minute of it (okay, maybe not during 14.5).

Yes, its expensive for a “gym membership”, but the support and results you get is worth it (something I never got at LA Fitness). Yes, it can be intimidating, but all the WODs (Workout of the Day) is scaled to your level. No it does not make women bulky. No, you don’t get injuries from CrossFit unless you use incorrect form (form is the first thing you’ll learn from CrossFit. It is constantly something the trainers preach about every WOD). No, you do not have to be fit to do CrossFit. Yes, there are days where your body will hurt, but a good sore hurt. You’ll work muscles you never knew you had and you love every minute of it.

At the end of the day CrossFit is my salvation from a stressful week or the complications of life. It’s my getaway, my stress reliever. And yes, I am addicted.

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